Are you struggling with the crisis of midlife?

I help professional men like you to regain control of YOUR life and turn the crisis of midlife into clarity to help YOU become happier than YOU could ever imagine.

This is YOUR fantastic chance to TAKE ACTION. The start of an amazing journey to help YOU take back control of YOUR life and get the freedom to live the life YOU really want, and give YOU complete happiness and fulfilment.

But how are you feeling today, right now, while you are reading this?

•Do you feel STUCK and that life is just passing you by?

•Are you desperate to get rid of the ‘SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES’, dreading another week of the same old mediocrity and just putting up with life?

•Are you deeply unhappy, unfulfilled and feeling you are a PRISONER TO CORPORATE LIFE – a life of too much ANXIETY and STRESS?

•Do you hate that you DON’T HAVE THE FREEDOM to do what you really want? 

•Are you sick of NOT SEEING YOUR KIDS and not spending time with those you love?

•Do you know your life COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER and have so much more meaning to it?

•Do you feel you have NO WAY OUT and NO ONE TO TALK TOO?

•Is there is no one who really understands HOW YOU FEEL AND WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH?

•Are you dreading what the future will bring, knowing IF NOTHING CHANGES there will be so many years of living an unhappy and unfulfilled existence?

•Do you have dream of being SO MUCH HAPPIER than you are today?


Have you had enough and want to TAKE ACTION and start to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Imagine your life in five years IF YOU DID PRECISELY NOTHING.

Really think about this. Just imagine with how you are feeling today, right now, what would your life be like in five years if you DID NOTHING.

Imagine feeling how you are feeling today in exactly five years from now. Wouldn’t that be a tragic waste? Think of all the regrets and all those things YOU COULD HAVE ACHIEVED if you had decided to TAKE ACTION.

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is it’s not too late. In fact, you have arrived at the party really early. The secret is most people don’t ever make it to this point – the point you are at now where you know your life can’t go on like it is and SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve made it this far, now let’s discover what YOU CAN DO.

Midlife Clarity Coaching – AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE

Desmond Tutu once said: “We should stop pulling people out of the river and see why they are jumping in upstream.”

This is YOUR fantastic chance to TAKE ACTION. The start of an amazing journey to help you take back control of your life so you get the freedom to live the life you really want and give you complete happiness and fulfilment.

My coaching is an experience like no other – an approach which will move you forward from where you are today to where you want to be. To feel HAPPY, FREE and FULFILLED.

I will help you find your clarity of purpose by challenging your limiting beliefs, helping you resolve your issues and discovering your AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES.

We will go on a journey of self-reflection, discovery and awareness, combined with action, motivation and goals to help you turn YOUR DREAMS INTO PROJECTS.

Coaching is a fantastic way to UNBLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL and to support you to take action to make change happen and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

The beautiful thing about midlife is you have the benefit of experience of life to date. Midlife Clarity Coaching will give you clarity by exploring and going as deep as you dare to find out what you REALLY WANT TO DO.

Midlife Clarity Coaching will give you time to talk and think like you have never done before and INSPIRE YOU TO WANT TO TAKE ACTION.

My Midlife Clarity Coaching Experience also gives you someone to come with you on this AMAZING JOURNEY – someone to listen, guide, challenge, motivate and inspire you to take actions and change your life. 

I have been there, so I know your pain

I remember like it was yesterday sitting on a train and feeling completely helpless – like I had nowhere to turn and being stuck in a life over which I had no control.

I suffered for years with the sickness of Sunday nights, the dread of just another working week, and knowing my life could be so much better. I hated missing my kids’ school activities and even when I did make them I seemed to spend more time checking my phone than watching them. I felt guilty for not being at work to do a job I didn’t even want to do!

I longed for the weekends and being able to escape. But I often lost the days to hangovers. I was out of shape, bored, listless and irritable. I did not like the person I had become. I spent too much time on social media and drove myself into a state of envy. I would be looking at all these seemingly perfect lives – lives that everyone else was living – while at the same time despairing at my own.

I always knew deep down that if only I had some CLARITY about what I really wanted to do – something I LOVED, something I could really BELIEVE in, something at which I knew I could be FANTASTIC – I could feel fulfilled and be TRULY HAPPY.

While on that train, I thought about what my life would look like in five years if I just carried on as I was. I wanted to change my life and I knew that for change to happen I HAD TO TAKE ACTION.

A Journey of Exploration

I started to invest in seminars, training, mentors and pushing past fear and stepping out of my comfort zone. I loved exploring, learning and devouring new opportunities for how I could live my life. I tried one or two things that didn’t quite feel right, but I marked them down as valuable learning experiences and I moved on.

I invested in my own coach which was a real BREAKTHROUGH moment for me. They came with me on my journey and helped me find that CLARITY I had been searching for.

Then, with the help of my coach, I found it – I found what it was I really wanted to do and I have to say it was an AMAZING FEELING!

I had found that one thing – something I loved, something I really believed in, something at which I knew I could be fantastic – and I began to think I REALLY could feel fulfilled and be truly happy.

Since then, I’ve trained, qualified and become a fully-accredited Midlife Clarity Coach.

I love feeling inspirational – and helping to inspire other people by offering a powerful coaching experience is brilliant.

I now work for myself and I love the disciplines of setting goals to create a successful and profitable business. I wake up happy every day knowing I am in complete CONTROL OF MY LIFE.

I also have so much more time to do the things I love doing. No more or those horrible Sunday nights or post-holiday blues. No more just having four or five weeks a year where I get to do what I really want. 

But the most important part of it all is I have total clarity around what I want. I’ve been able to use that clarity to make better choices, and that has helped me completely change my life and I am now as HAPPY as I have ever been.

So if you want to take action and are ready, let me now explain how my Midlife Clarity Coaching experience can work for you.

I offer bespoke programmes that inspire those who want to change their life to TAKE ACTION.

We start with powerful reflection so we can completely understand where you are right now and what your issues are and what YOU WANT TO RESOLVE.

I will challenge those horrible limiting beliefs and NATS (negative automated thoughts) – you know, those voices in your head telling you that you can’t do stuff. You DEFINITELY CAN DO STUFF!

In our personal coaching sessions, we go as deep as you dare to explore and find out what you are PASSIONATE about and love doing, what you are BRILLIANT at and what would make you TRULY HAPPY.

Remember, this is tailor-made for you. Coaching is all about the future and we focus on your FUTURE and find what would give you complete CLARITY and real meaning back in your life.

We go at your pace as this is YOUR JOURNEY and we work together to decide where you want to really go and how you are going to get there using tasks and exercises to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.


The brilliant thing about all of us is we are UNIQUE. We all have our OWN and VERY SPECIFIC ISSUES WE WANT TO SOLVE. It’s really important you remember these two things:

  1. This is not an “out-of-the-box” coaching programme. This is YOUR INDIVIDUAL, BESPOKE COACHING PROGRAMME. I love what I do and I love helping people who really want to change and who want to take action.

  2. Be It’s through commitment that you’ll make the changes you want to make. This is not a quick fix. I don’t just send you some “happy pills” and a few positive reports to read. You will need to SHOW UP and be determined and disciplined to TAKE ACTION AND MAKE CHANGES.

So what’s really in it for you? What if you do decide to SHOW UP and TAKE ACTION?

Remember, I have been exactly where you are now and I know you can be somewhere SO MUCH BETTER. I want to push you and I know people who work with me want to do something different. They want to be challenged, and they want to be motivated and inspired.

I spent a load of my midlife doing things I didn’t want to be doing. I wasn’t aware of what I wanted. I had to search for clarity. I had to challenge and push myself to really take action.

I want to talk to you about how powerful coaching is and how passionate I am that it can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Becoming a fully-accredited coach, I have learned a number of different ways and methods how COACHING can really HELP YOU.

Talking about how you are feeling is something most men don’t feel comfortable doing. I never used to be so if that is where you are right now, don’t worry. You belong to a huge club!

Coaching is an AMAZING tool to start a conversation to help people really open up and explore their deepest fears and anxieties. Trust me; when you start talking, really letting go of those inner fears, it is truly LIBERATING and you will be so thankful.

You know how the older you get the quicker life seems to just pass by than it used too?

Coaching will really help SLOW IT DOWN and help you take back control.

Coaching will help you create the lifestyle you really want, living life on YOUR TERMS and giving you CLARITY to decide how you WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


So how much would it be worth to find true happiness for rest of your life?

How much would you pay for the following things to give you some (albeit temporary) happiness:


    • A one-week holiday in the sunshine?
    • A new sports car – the type of car we all associate with the old-fashioned midlife crisis?
    • The newest and best set of golf clubs? But will it guarantee you don’t miss that 4ft putt?
    • A new bike that can be stolen at any time?


Then again, what price would you put on the following:

  • Spending more time with you family and people you love being with?
  • Living a life you love with that freedom you crave?
  • Having certainty and clarity about how you want to spend the rest of your life?
  • Waking up every day and looking forward to what the day will bring
  • Having no more “horrible” Sunday nights?

The answer to all the above is, “WE DON’T KNOW”.

One thing we definitely do know is VERY FEW MEN INVEST in THEIR OWN HAPPINESS.

People always find money to pay for all sorts of mundane things such as sorting out some dry rot, getting their driveway repaved and other things that in the great scheme don’t make an iota of difference to your happiness.

Sensible people invest in their teeth. They invest in regular checks to avoid suffering excruciating toothache and then even more pain when they get a whopping bill for expensive dental treatment. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

As I have told you before, I have invested in lots of coaching myself. I know happiness and fulfilment isn’t something I can get from Amazon. It takes work, commitment and a desire to BE HAPPY.

Investing in having a happy, fulfilled life which can help you live the life you truly want and desire – why would you not do that? It’s MADNESS that so few people do it.

Surely you owe it to yourself, your family and the people who are closest to you, don’t you? The fact you are reading this shows how much you already want to take action and how much you already want to change – but change can only happen for those who INVEST and TAKE ACTION.  


We want you to have total confidence you are doing THE RIGHT THING. 

Remember, most people don’t take action. Let me give you two examples:

  1. If 100 people buy a Learn to speak Spanish DVD set, did you know that 50 people won’t even take it out of the wrapper? About 40 will only ever to listen to the first side of disc one. In fact, they estimate only one person out of the 100 will end up learning Spanish.
  2. How many people do you know who join a gym (you might be one of them)? Now consider how many people who join a gym and then actually GO regularly to the gym. There is a difference between those two numbers, right?

Lots of people DECIDE to do something but far fewer people actually TAKE ACTION.

So this is why we offer our TOTALLY RISK-FREE GUARANTEE with our very special 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The fact you have decided to TAKE ACTION means I know YOU CAN SUCCEED.

But just in case you don’t feel the coaching is right for you, it’s absolutely no problem and we will REFUND YOU IN FULL IMMEDIATELY. 

So you literally have nothing to lose.

So ask yourself again if you have had enough and of being unhappy, feeling stressed and anxious about your future. Do you want to TAKE ACTION and start to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Once more, just imagine your life in five years IF YOU DID NOTHING.

Midlife Clarity Coaching will give you CLARITY – CLARITY about how you want to live the rest of your life.

You will AT LAST be starting to take back control of your life.

You will feel less angry and less frustrated and be able to look forward to every single day.

You will be happy, fulfilled and start to be the person you know you can be.

You will reduce your anxiety and stress and think positively about your future.

You will feel proud and smug that you are one of the very few people who are prepared to take action and want to change.

Human brains are wonderful, extraordinary things. Surely you owe it yourself to really use yours. What a waste it would be after you have left this fabulous world of ours for some doctor to pronounce it had only been 50 per cent used. Come on – let’s give it everything!

Live the life you really deserve.

So how do you take action? How do you start to change and live the life you want?

The answer is very simple. All you need to do now is TAKE ACTION

Remember that as each day passes you by, life will only speed up and before you know it another year has gone and once again you have done NOTHING.

Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL TODAY and let’s start that journey. You have literally nothing to lose.

What you think is what you become. And the sad truth is that that most of us become our own worst enemy by allowing our negative thoughts to hold us back. If you load up on positivity and great thoughts, you can create positive and great things for yourself.


Your midlife doesn’t need to be a crisis. Midlife is a time of life to embrace change to become the person you dream to be. Don’t suffer any more horrible Sunday nights dreading Monday morning.

Don’t give up – start to fight back and BOOK YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL TODAY.

I know how to get the best out of people. I completely love what I do and those who REALLY WANT TO CHANGE AND TAKE ACTION.

I only have a limited number of spots available so PLEASE DON’T WASTE THIS CHANCE

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