This week I’ve been annoyed, people have been annoying me 

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This week I’ve been annoyed, people have been annoying me
Apparently this week 2019 is halfway done (I hadn’t actually realised!)
An old school friend of mine liked a gamble, you probably know someone like him
He always told us when he won, but never when he lost, if I told him I’d just seen Jesus in McDonalds, he’d say
“Yeah I saw him yesterday in Burger King”
You know the type of bloke,
Thankfully he moved to Australia (Sorry Australia)

But this week it feels like he’s back in my life, as everyone seems to be shouting about what they had achieved in this ‘made-up’ celebration of the first half of the year

I am actually a very nice person i’m happy people are happy and proud of what they have achieved and done
But I know there are loads of people (and I’m one of them) who haven’t achieved everything or even anything they wanted too so far in 2019

One thing I know for sure, it’s far easier to talk about success than failure

So in the spirit of sharing and being honest about failure

I’m going to share one of my personal failures so far this year, and also why I know I have not done it

• FAILED ATTEMPT 1 – Setting up my podcast
• WHY DID I FAIL? – Quite simply, I bottled it, I was too afraid of f*cking it up and getting stick for it

But just writing this, I immediately feel better about it,
And writing this has made me totally determined to succeed and beat this stupid limiting belief and get it done (watch this space)
You never know, someone reading this might even reach out and offer me some help

So if you’re reading this (thank you as always)
It would be good if you can share

• 1 thing you wished you had done so far in 2019?
• And your honest reason why you haven’t?

I can pretty much guarantee

1. You will feel better for having shared it
2. You will get lots of encouragement (at least from me!!)
3. It will help motivate you to get off your bottom and do it
4. And someone might even offer you some help too

Don’t just hope something is going to happen
Make a plan
Take action
So something actually does

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