2 words that strike so much fear

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2 words that strike so much fear
Any parent of an older teenager will understand this feeling. Terror, uncertainty and a complete loss of any control
We knew it was coming but we secretly hoped it would never arrive

The 2 words

‘Boys Holiday’

Every day seems like a lifetime, sleep is interrupted and cold sweats are plentiful

Then you add in the fact his 18th birthday is happening at the same time, a perfect storm?!

The big sister is our messenger (we’re banned from following him)
So we do get the odd update

But the family WhatsApp is the thing we check hourly
& we wait with bated breath
…every day
The WhatsApp message containing two other words
Two simple words that are so simple but mean everything

‘Still Alive’

If we get lucky, we may get a few other words
Bonus words I call these!

But although the terror is there
And I just want him safely back home

I am secretly very proud
I know he will be having the time of his life
Memories he will have forever
A time he will never forget

Happy 18th Birthday Harvey x

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