A brilliant weekend which included not one, but two Fridays

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A brilliant weekend which included not one, but two Fridays
(Tip, always start a long weekend on a Thursday)

My son arrived home safely from his boy’s holiday

So all set up for a good week but then comes along ‘Crap Monday’

Tuesday wasn’t looking too clever either but then a combination of two things happened, which came to my rescue….
1. My discipline calendar kept calling me
2. My internet went down

So there I was, no internet, TV or radio and I was forced to revert to doing things I was trying to put off

It was difficult at the start, but I have now trained my brain to overcome the NATS

Those Negative Automated Thoughts, which if not checked and challenged, can do so much damage

NATS which can stop you doing anything for fear of failure

So I told my NATS to ‘do one’ (a phrase I heard recently which resonated!)

I got going & with the big help of my daily discipline calendar….
…a calendar I use daily to motivate me to actually ‘DO STUFF ‘
Tuesday ended up being a GOOD day

Especially when I know the me of old, would have just sat on the sofa, procrastinating, eating biscuits & telling myself I will start again tomorrow

This feeling can often happen after good weekends, weekends with friends, in the sunshine,

And in my particular case

At a festival watching some fairly dodgy 1980 tribute acts

So in the end, one crap day, and actually that’s alright, it’s fine, it happens

I’m not gonna beat myself up about that
I dug in and i’m back on track and that feels good

Don’t just hope something is going to happen
Make a plan
Take action
So something actually does

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